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What do they do that’s so important?

A financial planner, or financial advisor, isn't just a person to help the wealthy.  Your advisor is there to help those who have not yet arrived, to generate wealth.  And that isn't just to say you have a million dollars in the bank.  It's to say that you should have enough funds to pay for those things that are included in your plans and goals.  That requires financial planning and advice.

Have a shot at creating wealth by yourself?

You have one lifetime.   There's no second chance once you reach the end.  In that life you have a lot of objectives, and that typically involves a balancing act.   Your family and eternal values are supremely important.  But life, family and a walk with God are not separate from work, business and finance.  They are all intertwined.  Will you get the balance right, or will you come to the finish line with regrets?

Coming to us for advice will give you something quite unique.  We are not just about dollars and cents.  We include "sense."  It doesn't make sense to sacrifice everything for financial gain.  But without attention to finance, many things that are truly important will suffer.  And the needed balance gets a lot easier if sensible strategies are put in place to give you the most out of what you do with your finances.

Strategy or financial products

It's not unusual for someone to be concerned that an adviser is simply a sales person pushing financial products.    It's not that way at Grace Finanical Services.  If you have a financial product, such as an industry superannuation fund, that has the characteristics that you need to achieve your objectives, we see no need to change it.  In those cases we will simply focus on strategy.  However, if there are particular financial products that really suit your needs that you do not presently have, then we certainly will be recommending that you get them, and we will assist you in putting them in place and managing them.

How much do financial planning services cost?

That will depend on your needs, but it is certainly within the reach of ordinary working people.  Our hourly rate is about the same as that of our web designer, and it's less than what we pay for many other professional services.  And, at the end of the day, you have to ask yourself, what is it going to cost you if you do not get good quality financial advice?

One thing that you will discover, is that the way financial planning services are paid for is changing.   It used to be that an adviser could charge very little for producing a financial plan, because he was going to recommend a product in it that was going to pay him every year.   He could basically provide those initial services on a 'payment plan' via the trailing commissions.  The industry is now moving more towards a remuneration model where you simply pay for what you get, when you get it.  This is still in a time of transition, with a little bit happening each way.   The important thing is to consider the full package and make sure you are geting value for money.  That's what we seek to do here at Grace Financial Services.

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