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Using a home loan or investment loan to purchase a  property is a means to achieve your objectives while they are still important.

Investment loans can be used as leverage to access greater investments and multiply the returns.

Yet with both types of borrowing there are cautions. As both your financial adviser and loan broker we can help you compare home loans and find a suitable balance.

Home Loans

With access to home and investment loans from major banks, small banks and non-banks, here at Grace Financial Services we can provide loans that are suited to your circumstances. We find out what is important to you, then compare the products available to give you advice on which ones are appropriate for you.

Knowing the tax and other important considerations in how a home or investment loan is structured, we will make sure that you get the right one, and do it in the right way.

Home Loans Compared

What is important to you in a home loan?

• The lowest interest rate?

• Lots of helpful features?

• An offset account or line of credit?

• Or simply the one that's going to get you out of debt the quickest!

We will give you advice on the loans that meet your requirements and set them out in a table so that you can compare the matters that are important.

There's no cost or obligation for us to do this home loan comparison for you.

Investment Property Loans

As an investment property specialist we know the "ins and outs" of using a property as an investment. Sometimes the investment loan should be interest only in order to maximise tax deductions. However, you don't simply spend money to just get part of it back with your tax return. There are also times to get out of debt and improve cash flow.

In many situations an offset account is going to be the best way to 'repay' your debt, giving you the maximum flexibility in how the future debt is going to be structured. This is especially true for your own home, allowing for greater tax deductions if it becomes an investment property in the future.

A line of credit can also be useful, using your ordinary cash flow to reduce the interest that you pay and giving you easy access to equity in your home.

Every family's situation is different, and we carefully examine your own  to make sure you have a suitable home loan.

Other loans

Here at Grace Financial Services we can help you with a great variety of borrowing requirements including:

Personal loans

Car loans

Commercial loans

And for that matter, if your focus is simply to get out of debt, we can help you with that as well!


Here at Grace Financial Services we can give you the advice and service whether you live near our offices or are across the country. Call us on 02 4905 0250 today!

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Home loans compared

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• What types of home loans are available?

• How can I use equity in my home for investing?

• What cautions should
be considered?

Home loans and investment loans can help you achieve your financial goals




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