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Using a loan to purchase an investment is a form of "gearing." Just like low gear helps you to get up a hill or high gear allows you to cruise down the highway, an investment loan can do some great things.

Having said that, care needs to be exercised. We understand both the benefits and potential pitfalls of investment loans. Let us help you work out what is suitable in your situation.

Investment Loans

With access to home and investment loans from major banks, small banks and non-banks, here at Grace Financial Services we can provide loans that are suited to your circumstances. We find out what is important to you, then compare the products available and give you advice on which ones are appropriate for you.

Knowing the tax and other important considerations in how a home or investment loan is structured, we will make sure that you get the right one, and do it in the right way.

Investment Loans Compared

What is important to you in an investment loan?

• The lowest interest rate?

• A flexible structure?

• Access to equity for other investments?

• Or simply the one that's going to create wealth the quickest!

As we examine your specific situation we can provide you with a list of suitable loans from a variety of banks and other lenders. That will be presented to you in a table which compares the interest rates, costs and important features of those loans. If there is a clear 'winner,' we will recommend that loan to you. Otherwise you can simply select the one from the lender you prefer.

There's no cost or obligation for us to do this investment loan comparison.

Investment Property Loans

Consisting of 'bricks and mortar,' property makes an attractive investment. There are a lot of factors to consider, and as we specialise in investment property, we can help you with those matters.

Getting a loan to purchase the property is an option, and it has significant benefits as well as cautions to consider.

If you don't want to borrow, and you don't have enough money for a purchase on your own, we can show you how to invest in 'fractional property.'

However, you may want the benefit of multiplying returns and maximising potential growth while saving tax. With current tax laws that is possible.

As good investment properties produce substantial income, in many cases the property simply pays for itself. The growth and future income potential is then simply a bonus.

It's important to select a property which is not likely to have a significant reduction in value in the future. That's because an investment property loan will multiply negative returns even better than what it does for the positive returns. All the more reason to get qualified advice from Grace Financial Services in both the property selection and the loan itself.

Other loans

In addition to investment loans we can help you with a great variety of other borrowing requirements:

Personal loans

Car loans

Home loans

Commercial borrowing

Here at Grace Financial Services we can give you the advice and service whether you live near our offices or are across the country. Call us on 02 4905 0250 today!


Gearing with Grace can save thousands over the life of an investment loan.

The investment loan blog

• What types of investment loans are available?

• How can I use equity in my home for investing?

• What cautions should
be considered?

Home loans and investment loans can help you achieve your financial goals


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• Your adviser can 'meet' with you in our offices, over the phone or via a video link.

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