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When you consider whom to go to for investment advice, it makes sense to see someone who handles a very wide range of investments. It also ought to be one who doesn't have his own products to push.

At Grace Financial Services we are committed to looking after your best interests. That includes risk management and wealth creation through wise investments.

Grace Financial Services will point the way with good investment advice whether it is property shares or other investments.

Advice on Investments

An investment can be simple. Anything that requires you to give up something now in order to gain something in the future is an investment. You may invest your time, money or talents and generate an investment return.

A good investment should give you a positive return. That is to say that in the future it brings in more than what you invested. But much more than that needs to be considered as you make choices as to how to invest your hard earned money.

Read the introduction below, then visit our Investment Blog to see some of the finer points.

Ultimately you will want to sit down with a financial adviser, who can help you work out what is most appropriate in your own personal situation, in light of your own goals.

Investment Returns

Some investments have a simple return of a certain percentage of income each year. It never grows, and soon it's actual buying power is greatly reduced.

The best investments typically have a compounded return. As the investment grows in value, the investment return grows as well.

Typically investments will have both an income and a growth component in their return. For example, with shares you would hope that they grow in value each year, but you would also expect to see dividends paid from them as income.

Classes of Investments

Investments may be classified in a variety of different ways. First of all, we have the very basic investment classes:

• Domestic shares
• International shares
• Domestic fixed interest
• International fixed interest
• Direct property
• Listed property
• Alternative growth
• Alternative defensive
• Cash

Within each of those classes there are hundreds of sub-classes. Read our Investment Blog to find out more.

Investment Risk

Risk can be defined in a variety of ways. Some people equate it with volatility - the "ups and downs" of the value of an investment. That can be good or bad depending on what you are doing with it.

A better approach is to  think of investment risk as the potential for negative consequences as a result of uncertainty.

An important part of the role of your financial adviser is to make sure you have an appropriate level of risk for each of the purposes you have for your investments. That is likely to be different for different portfolios that you have for different purposes.

Investment Targets

How much is enough? You only have one life, and if you consume it in gaining far more than you or your family may ever need, it may be that you have missed out on some more important matters.

However, if you come short, life may become very difficult, painful and limiting. How do you find the balance?

The answer is quite simple: get personalised advice from Grace Financial Services.  Call us today on 02 4905 0250 or fill in the simple Contact Form for more information.

Your first consultation is free, and we can do it over the phone or via Skype or email.

investment blog

• What types of investments are available?

• Which ones suit your situation?

• What are their tax characteristics?


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