Personal Financial Planning Advice Online

Distance is no barrier to financial planning advice

Whether you are in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Newcastle or elsewhere in Australia Grace Financial Services can help you with the advice that you need.  

What can online financial advice provide?

  • Personalised financial planning. 
    Advice needs to be relevant to your own situation and goals.  Interacting via electornic media doesn't keep that from happening.
  • A real financial advisor.
    The computer is simply a method of connecting you to your advisor.  Your financial advisor has the experience and wisdom that's needed to help you achieve your goals and objectives.
  • Receive the advice at a time and place that suits you.
    While you can have real time meetings with your financial planner via video conferencing, those meetings require selecting times that suit both parties.  However, much of your interactions can be via email.  That allows you to focus on it when it suits your situation.  Late at night, early in the morning -- it makes no difference.

What types of investments should you consider?

  • Investing in shares
  • Superannuation funds
  • Investment property
  • SMSF investments
  • Ethical investing

How to get started

  1. Read our Privacy Statement and Financial Services Guide.
  2. Complete what you can on this form, and email a copy to us: Fact Find Form
  3. Book yourself in for a web conference - online meeting with your advisor at  Should you need to meet outside of normal business hours, email us and we will arrange a mutually suitable time.
  4. No software is required for this meeting, only a web browser.  You will be personally meeting with your adviser, as if you were sitting in his office.  Questions are welcome as he will be seeking to understand your situation, needs and objectives.
  5. Up to that point there is no cost or obligation.  Following your web conference meeting, your adviser will email to you a letter of engagement.  it will set out the services that he is proposing, and what the costs will be.
  6. You then give the 'green light' and your advisor gets to work.  All while you are enjoying the comfort of your own home.

Any questions, call us on 02 4905 0250 or email 

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